At LEARN TO CALIBRATE we recognize, to successfully manage the calibration business you must understand your customers’ needs and wants to offer them better service and solutions.

If the GOAL of your business is to make a quality product or service, and ULTIMATELY a profit then metrology/Calibration has a direct impact on your business (NCSL International).

As a “Calibration Laboratory” management, you must acknowledge that, the time to capture new business, expand calibration capabilities and improve over-all quality management system is NOW.

Our team of experts will work with you to analyze your existing process and recommend you the methods and techniques to improve the over-all system.

History of Measurement

What is measurement?
Why do we have to be precise about it?
Who defines the measuring units?

Calibration / Metrology

What is calibration means?
What do you mean by the term “known values”?
When is Metrology day celebrated?

Customer Focus

To serve your customers well, it is important to listen accurately.
How to focus on customers’ wants and needs?
How to create Apostles?

Training Programs

Technical Training (Metrology & Validation)
Quality Management Training
Customer Support & Logistics

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A team of well educated, energetic, talented personnel
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Accreditation:    An independent evaluation of an organization’s QMS, followed by practical demonstration of the technical proficiency of company personnel.
Calibration:    It is the science of measurement, and measurements are CRITICAL to industry. Meaning CALIBRATION / METROLOGY services plays very important role in any industry.
Certification:    Applies to equipment or personnel.
Traceability:    It is an unbroken chain of measurements.
Uncertainty:    Any measurement, no matter how precise or accurate, has some amount of error. That amount is the measurement of uncertainty.

Measurement Uncertainty Templates

International System of Units (SI)

Customer Focus

On-Site Training

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