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Any and all manuals, training documentation, brochures, training matrix, measurement uncertainty templates, calculations and other LEARN TO CLAIBRATE projects & documentation, owned by or licensed to LEARN TO CLAIBRATE, relating or referring to the LEARN TO CLAIBRATE Technology. LEARN TO CLAIBRATE’s services are also be considered as LEARN TO CLAIBRATE’s products.


Any and all Intellectual Property Rights and Derivatives, of LEARN TO CALIBRATE Copyright, LEARN TO CALIBRATE Documentation, LEARN TO CALIBRATE Marks, LEARN TO CLAIBRATE Patents, LEARN TO CLAIBRATE Technology and/or the Project Work Product.


LEARN TO CALIBRATE’s proprietary training documents and materials hereto including, but not limited to, all English and foreign language, all commercial and non-commercial, and all present and future versions thereof, and all required and/or relevant LEARN TO CLAIBRATE Documentation, Intellectual property Rights and other proprietary rights therein, and Derivatives thereof that is required and/or relevant to development of current and future versions of documents. LEARN TO CLAIBRATE Technology includes:

Intellectual Property Rights

Any and all proprietary, common law, and/or statutory intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, patentable materials and patent rights, copyrightable materials and copyrights, moral rights, trade secret rights, trademark rights, service mark rights, and/or any and all other proprietary rights, including all Derivatives.

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