Global Network

At “LEARN TO CALIBRATE” our mission is to provide technical and quality consulting and training services globally.

Do you have skills and knowledge?

Would you like to share your skills and knowledge “through training”?

Do you have training materials and documents?

Do you want to get recognized internationally?

Then “Join us” for free.

How it works:

We are looking for professionals with at-least five (5) years of technical and/or quality experience in their field:

  • Register with us as an “Independent Training Consultant (ITC)”
  • Share your educational and technical credentials
  • Once, reviewed and approved. We will assign you an ITC number
  • Submit your training material and/or documents including “test questions and their answers with references” for review and approval by our industry experts
  • Our professionals will work with you to improve these documents to meet National & International Standards
  • Market and conduct training in your area “globally”
  • Advice your students to take the test by registering at “” using your ITC number as an instructor and/or by visiting one of many test centers in your area.
  • Test questions are randomly selected based on the training course from our question bank
  • Once they pass the test. We will issue the “CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING” based on your submitted and approved training material

“CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING” is the proprietary document of LEARN TO CALIBRATE and it cannot be reproduced, re-typed, re-issued by any business entity and/or any Independent Training Consultant without written approval of LEARN TO CALIBARTE Management, certain terms and conditions apply on confidentiality and document sharing and ownership of the documents.