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LEARN TO CALIBRATE is a global team of quality and technical professionals with a combined world experience of more than 25 years in the field of calibration, product testing, and validation as well as quality documentation and management system. We are passionate about our work and desire to serve globally.


We offer training solutions in technical, quality assurance, management & customer support to meet the requirements of National & International Standards, such as ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001, ISO 10012, ANSI/NCSLI Z540.1, etc.


To be recognized as an International training resource center.


We achieve our vision by responding to our customers’ needs and wants by innovative thinking and by using available resources intelligently. We exceed management expectations by utilizing advanced technologies, concepts, ideas and working with global experts in technical and quality management system to offer you world class training solutions locally.


We “LEARN TO CALIBRATE” will continue to develop and offer training courses worldwide, to help businesses and individuals succeed in their set goals.

Why everyone like us?

--- Site looks great- lots of od info- user friendly.


--- Well designed site.

Srinivas Konanki

Pipette Calibration Services, Inc.

--- Training on measurement uncertainty has helped us achieve ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, thank you team.

Edwin R

Naas Panama

--- Irfan has provided a very detailed, informative process including GLP overview (21 CFR part 58), preliminary audit, recommendations and staff training in an extremely efficient two days on-site presence. Much Appreciated.

William Brinton, Ph.D.


--- R & D Associates has worked with learn to calibrate on development of training programs for our clients in Panama. The training was well received by our clients and provided valuable information in the areas of calibration and measurement uncertainty. They also provided additional training in quality control related to Non-conforming work response to include corrective and preventative actions.


--- This class is full scale class as it does offer lecture lab and tutoring support. The class starts with basic knowledge and then slowly ramp up to knowledge of meteorology and calibration. It was a great experience as to now when I am doing something in the lab I know what is the science behind it.

Khurram Raheem

--- Irfan was very through with his explanations on GLP requirements. Thank you.

Rachel Sukeforth

--- very helpful training programs. Website look wonderful

Edwin Robinson

--- The training personally helped me in knowing the in depth functionalities of the calibrators. Most importantly, i learnt the short cuts keys in testing the parameters that helps me save a lot of time when testing many test points. It also helped me to learn the diverse features of the calibrators.


--- It has been very informative and constructive having a deeper insight on how calibrations procedures and values have to be, meeting professional standards.

Arthur Witt

--- I was one of the students who attended the classes of quality and calibration and get useful of it. I highly recommend the classes of quality and calibration techniques, and the lecture who covered all the subject aspects.

Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed

--- It was a well presented training course, and it made me look at the entire business in a different light.


--- I enjoyed today’s lesson. I felt that if I had a question to ask, you would answer it fully until I could understand the concept. I found your presentation helpful as well, it helped to explain the calibration business aspects as well as the traceability chain, where calibration is/can be used, etc. Today’s seminar did not seem like 6.5 hours and that was nice. Thank you.

Elena Grace

--- It was a very knowledgeable event for me. The instructor was very professional and quite clear in his presentation. He provided excellent and practical examples during training session and made the overall class fun activity. Really great and I can’t wait for the next training session. Thank you.

Calvin Sleeper

--- Very knowledgeable on GLP documents. Irfan made 21 CFR part 58 document easy to understand. He is very constructive with his critiques.

Jon Dyer

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